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Your T-Club needs volunteers to expand our events, promote our message and projects and advance the T-Club mission.  The T-Club has a pressing need for multiple volunteers to help with the 2016 T-Club’s Football Tailgates and Coordinating and posting events, news, and projects on the T-Club’s Social Media Network.


The Tailgate volunteer’s responsibilities are – 

•  Organize the purchase, pick-up and delivery of the Tailgate food (Or from our Sponsors)

•  Arrange purchase of the beverages and ice and delivery – chilled to the Tailgate

•  For the set-up of the Tailgate to be ready two hours before Kickoff

•  To break down the Tailgate and secure all T-Club property

These responsibilities are split between multiple volunteers.

Volunteers are essential to keep the Football Tailgates and other T-Club events as first-class benefits for all members.   


The T-Club Social Media Coordinator’s responsibilities are –

•  Manage and organize the T-Club’s Social Media Network including – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest

•  Coordinate with Board Members about marketing and posting T-Club news, events, projects, and pertinent information

•  Keep the T-Club’s Social Media Network up to date and postings current

•  Be creative – bringing your ideas and skills to better the T-Club Social Media Network

This position can be shared if necessary.  Communications to the T-Club members is vital for a thriving, engaged membership.

Communications to T-Club members is crucial for a growing, committed membership. Also, potential T-Club members and the Tulane community read our Social Media.  Our communication network is essential to our success.     


Please check your schedules and give back to YOUR T-CLUB today.

To volunteer – fill out the form below and let’s continue the T-Club’s tradition of great work.


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