What’s up with Green Wave Baseball?

If anyone bet you Tulane baseball would be 4-12 after sixteen games, you would have wagered thousands of dollars against it.  Ludicrous, Unimaginable, Impossible…

Yet, Baseball stands at 4-12 after tonight’s extra inning victory at Nichols State.  With Jeremy Montalbano’s injury, the catcher’s position is down to an injured freshman and a second baseman.  Montalbano’s leadership and bat will be missed.

As a rule, young, inexperienced catching affects pitching.  Starting pitching has been OK. Relief pitching has been erratic.  Team hitting is inconsistent.  First year Coach Travis Jewett remains positive about the Wave digging itself out of this hole.  AAC play begins March 31.  Fans can help by supporting this team.

What are your thoughts on how Tulane Baseball can turn around this season?

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