About Us




The Tulane University Letter Winners Club’s time-honored mission is devoted to cultivating lifelong connections, and supporting Tulane student-athletes of the past, present, and future. The T-Club provides the tools and resources necessary to foster these relationships by promoting and honoring student-athletes of all generations. The T-Club’s current goals include the establishment and expansion of opportunities for support, fellowship, and service to benefit our members, Tulane’s present and future student-athletes, Tulane Athletics, and Tulane University. Moving forward, The T-Club aspires to be visible and viable throughout the Tulane campus by a more diverse, organized, and focused mission towards a greater Tulane.


The T-Club consists of those former student-athletes who earned a varsity sports Letter from Tulane University. Currently, the T-Club recognizes Letters in all on-campus, D-1 sports including beach volleyball, swimming, and bowling.


One of the big-picture priorities of T-Club is to increase the progress and advancement of current Tulane student-athletes on the field and in the classroom. The Board of Directors set priority goals to establish a scholarship fund and increase community service opportunities in conjunction with Tulane’s core values. We are concentrating on building a stronger relationship with the Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) and becoming more involved with the career services and mentoring programs such as our second Athletic Career Networking Night. The T-Club’s goal is to help better prepare our student-athletes for life during and after their days in a Tulane uniform.


During 2016-2017 the T-Club will benefit our current Tulane student-athletes by assisting in funding the training table set to debut later this fall. The training table will provide 15 meals every week to our student-athletes in close proximity to where they practice and study.


For 2016-2017, T-Club Members membership is $50.00.  Join or renew your membership on our secure application –  Join the T-Club page


Input from active members is essential to the success of the T-Club’s mission. Every T-Club members’ participation is fundamentally critical to the well-being of all our Letter Winning brothers and sisters, the Tulane Athletic Department and over 300 current student-athletes on campus.


The historically successful foundation of T-Club communications and bonding is the variety of special events and fellowship opportunities the T-Club hosts for members throughout the year. These events bring back many former athletes illustrating their loyalty and commitment to their alma mater. More importantly, former athletes return to T-Club events confirming and enhancing their dedication to current Tulane student-athletes.


The 2016-2017 year is exceptional for Tulane Athletics and T-Club events. Yulman Stadium hosts on-campus football including the Mullen’s Letterwinner’s Lounge. The football team will debut under new Head Coach Willie Fritz. Devlin Field House will host Volleyball with new Head Coach Jim Barnes and Men’s Basketball under new Head Coach Mike Dunleavy both who are proven winners. Women’s Basketball team is fresh off their seventh straight post-season tournament appearance. Greer Field at Turchin Stadium hosts our second straight NCAA Tournament Baseball team with new Head Coach Travis Jewett.


Now, is the time for all former athletes to become involved during the largest commitment by the University to Athletics in 50+ years. As Letter Winners, speaking as one voice through the T-Club, this is the perfect time to support the creation of opportunities to further our Athletics, our current and future student-athletes, our membership and our University.


The T-Club welcomes the renewed dedication to cultivating lifelong connections between Tulane University Athletic Alumni and Green Wave Athletics. We will provide the tools and resources for fostering these connections through promoting and honoring former Letter Winners in both their past and present lives. Equally important is the T-Club’s commitment to establishing relationships and networking with current student-athletes and providing the foundation for future growth and success.



The T-Club Mission Statement

• Strengthen and promote the legacies and spirit of Green Wave Athletics

• Foster and facilitate communication and networking opportunities for former and current student-athletes

• Assist in recruitment & retention efforts of Tulane student-athletes through mentoring programs, career shadowing, & internships

• Promote and encourage Letter Winners, active T-CLUB members and athletic alumni for leadership on Tulane University Boards and Committees