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The T-Club sponsors a variety of special events and fellowship opportunities for members throughout the year. One of our fastest growing events is the Athletic Career Networking Night. Also, we plan a T-Club all-sports alumni family weekend and our participation in the Tulane Hall of Fame Committee.  The T-Club will benefit our current Tulane student-athletes by assisting in funding the training table set to debut later this fall.  This will provide 15 meals every week to our student-athletes in close proximity to where they practice and study.


Last year, the T-Club sponsored game day events during the football season, Mens’ & Womens’ basketball games and baseball games. For the 2016-2017 seasons, we plan the expansion of T-Club activities to other sports. T-Club projects are creating more opportunities for members to meet, converse and, network with other T-Club members.  These events bring back many former athletes illustrating their loyalty and commitment to their alma mater, their fellow Letter Winners and the present and future Green Wave student-athletes.


Membership growth allows T-Club to plan more special events around Tulane Athletics. The T-Club leadership wants to increase support, educational and networking events for members and current student-athletes. Our goals include the establishment of a T-Club scholarship fund and greater community service opportunities. Stronger relationships with the Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) and becoming more involved with Tulane Advising and Career Services. This involvement and influence raises the T-Club to a whole new level.


The T-Club’s goals include mentoring student-athletes, better preparation for our student-athletes for life before and after graduation. Another objective is to establish ambassadors from every sports team showing our diversity and unity. The T-Club needs representatives who will work with us to contact members from all sports. We want all Letter Winners to see our excitement and growth. Active T-Club members can participate in the Tulane Hall of Fame Committee among other opportunities for high-level interactions with the Athletic Department and the University.


Through growing our membership, we can expand our projects and networking opportunities. If you would like to be more involved with the T-Club, we are looking for board members to play a more direct part in the planning and executing of our goals and objectives.


The T-Club’s successful events, projects, and networking depend on our growth as an organization and participation from the T-Club membership. The T-Club growing, sharing ideas, and follow-through benefits all members.

Now is a great time in Tulane Athletic History to come together as Letter Winners of Tulane University and help make a significant difference. As Tulane University made the commitment to improve Athletics, the T-Club will be on the frontline, committed to reaching our goals and objectives. Our events and projects should be entertaining, educational AND significant.


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