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The T-Club’s membership grew tremendously last year. Our membership drive is progressing in 2016-2017. However, it is now GAME TIME and we need ALL LETTER WINNERS participation to build on last year’s success. Our goal is one hundred more new members in the next year. Complete your T-Club membership using our JOIN THE T-CLUB TODAY page. Please inform and invite your teammates to join YOUR T-CLUB as well.


The eligibility criteria for membership in the Tulane Letter Winner’s Club is straightforward. Former Tulane student-athletes who earned a varsity sport Letter from Tulane Athletics (and graduated or finished their athletic eligibility) qualify for T-Club membership. Currently, the T-Club recognizes Letters in all on-campus, D-1 sports including beach volleyball, swimming, and bowling.



• If you experienced Tulane Athletics as a Student-Athlete and went through the daily grind of classes, practicing and studying –
We Need You.

• After your Tulane Athletic career, if you continued to be successful in your personal life and business endeavors –

We Need You.

• If you carved a way to be successful and survive this life without the help and support of others after your eligibility was complete –
We Need You.

We want EVERYONE involved. Your experience is our experience.

We must do this for OUR family.


The T-Club needs more active members to make Tulane a great place to play intercollegiate athletics and a special place after the playing days are over.


T-Club Membership

Dues are ($50)


In addition to supporting current student-athletes, members receive several benefits. These benefits include but are not limited to discounted game day tickets, hospitality, and reserved seating in all of our venues among other things. The way you can take part in these wonderful benefits is by renewing your membership today!


Benefits are active for the 2016-2017 Tulane Academic & Athletic School Year.
Benefits expire on June 30 of each year. A member becomes an Active T-Club membership and all benefits afforded, after paying their T-Club members yearly dues.


The T-Club Board of Directors is committed to making certain our family of Letter Winners has a stage to reach out to teammates and maintain the bond created while on campus. The variety of special events and fellowship opportunities for active members continues throughout the year. These events bring back many former athletes to Tulane showing their success garnered from a great education. More importantly, they are excellent examples to the present Tulane student-athletes.


The T-Club continues to play a part in the development of one of the fastest moving athletic programs in the country. Active Members have the opportunity to take advantage of benefits within the T-Club structure and participate with additional incentives through Athletics as members of the Tulane Letter Winners Club. This partnership allows our Active members even greater ownership in Tulane Athletics, playing an integral part in the growth of our programs and student-athletes.


The benefits of joining and participating in the T-Club are unlimited. Members have numerous choices and opportunities whether they want to participate in the many T-Club events or help plan, organize and carry through the T-Club mission during this period of change and growth. Our active members are committed to the well-being of our Letter Winning brothers and sisters, the Tulane Athletics Department and the current and future Green Wave student-athletes. Through the T-Club’s goals, there are numerous benefits for the individual member and the group of Tulane Letter Winners as a whole.


Additional Benefits of T-Club Membership


•  Lifelong opportunities to continue and re-establish relationships with teammates, friends and fellow Letter Winners

•  To be a part of a significant effort to influence positively, mentor and make a difference with today’s and tomorrow’s Tulane student-athletes

•  Learn about the business side of T-Club members as part of our new Spring Career Day and help plan or attend similar events with the purpose of networking with fellow members or sharing your expertise

•  The T-Club’s involvement with The Tulane Athletic Hall of Fame and other influential opportunities within Athletics and the University

•  Be an inside part of the growth, success and the largest commitment to Tulane Athletics in many years

Join the many former athletes illustrating their loyalty and commitment to their alma mater and more importantly to the present and future Tulane student-athletes


For questions or additional information about becoming an active T-Club member, questions concerning attending T-Club events, or how you can become more involved, feel free to communicate with any member of our Board of Directors or contact the T-Club Leadership using the below form.



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