Your T-Club Needs You!



The main goals of the T-Club’s special events and fellowship opportunities are to reintroduce former athletes back into the Green Wave Family. Further, the T-Club’s events welcome recent Tulane letter winner graduates and young alumni into the post-classroom and athletics community.


The T-Club’s events, projects, membership, and goals depend on our growth as an organization and participation from the T-Club members.  Your T-Club needs your help.  We need volunteers to expand our events, promote our message and projects and advance the T-Club mission.


The initial events and help we need volunteers are the 2016 T-Club’s Football Tailgates and Coordinating and posting events, news, and projects on the T-Club’s Social Media Network.

The excitement is building with the hiring of Head Coach Willie Fritz and his new staff.  Tailgates will be popular and crowded.  Extra help is urgently needed.


We require volunteers for the following Tailgate responsibilities – 

•  Organize the purchase, pick-up and delivery of the Tailgate food (Or from our Sponsors)

•  Arrange purchase of the beverages and ice and delivery – chilled to the Tailgate

•  For the set-up of the Tailgate to be ready two hours before Kickoff

•  To break down the Tailgate and secure all T-Club property

Volunteers are essential to keep the Football Tailgates and other T-Club events as first-class benefits for all members.   


The T-Club Social Media Coordinator has the following responsibilities –

•  Manage and organize the T-Club’s Social Media Network including – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest

•  Coordinate with Board Members about marketing and posting T-Club news, events, projects, and pertinent information

•  Keep the T-Club’s Social Media Network up to date and postings current

•  Be creative – bringing your ideas and skills to better the T-Club Social Media Network

This position can be shared if necessary.  Communications to the T-Club members is vital for a thriving, engaged membership.

Communications to T-Club members is crucial for a growing, committed membership. Also, potential T-Club members and the Tulane community read our Social Media.  Our communication network is essential to our success.     


Please check your schedules and give back to YOUR T-CLUB today.

To volunteer – fill out the form below and let’s continue the T-Club’s tradition of great work.



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