Bernard Robertson, III: Wealth and Wisdom the Playbook for Success

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When a New Orleans East kid dreams of athletic stardom, the road isn’t always paved in gold. Bernard Robinson, III knows this all too well, and he takes us through the side streets and sharp turns from swimming pools and tennis courts to the roar of NFL stadiums. Our conversation threads through Bernard’s formative years, where family influence and mentorship played critical roles in shaping not just an athlete, but a man of resilience. His story a rich tapestry of triumphs, transitions, and the kind of life lessons you can’t find in playbooks—resonates with anyone who’s ever faced a hurdle and wondered how to leap.

But what happens when the game is over, the crowd disperses, and the lights dim? For Bernard Robinson, the play simply changed fields—from the gridiron to the world of wealth management. His tale of transition illuminates the many ways athletes can redirect their passion and skills into new arenas. And as we peel back the curtain on Bernard’s post-football success, we uncover a masterclass in adaptability, mentorship, and the never-ending quest for personal growth. Join us as we honor not only Bernard’s athletic prowess but also his commitment to guiding the next generation, ensuring that when the stadium lights eventually dim, they’re ready to shine elsewhere.

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