TTalk with Harold Asher

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We sat down with Harold Asher, a Tulane football alumnus from the Class of 1972, for a nostalgic journey through his athletic and personal growth from his high school days in Bogalusa to the victory at the Liberty Bowl. Harold shares stories of his evolution from a scrappy defensive end to a collegiate Linebacker against the backdrop of the Vietnam War era. He describes his close bond with his father, who was his biggest cheerleader, never missing a practice or a game, and how the cultural and social tides of the time shaped his experiences on and off the field.

Harold reminisces about the grueling freshman-year tactics aimed at testing the mettle of young athletes and the pioneering steps toward integration into Tulane’s football team. We discuss the camaraderie that blossomed among players under pressure and how it has endured over the years. Harold reflects on the historic milestones and challenges faced by the first African-American scholarship athletes at the university, shedding light on their legacy and profound impact on the program.

Harold’s transition from biology major to business leader is a playbook for life after the whistle blows. As we discuss his successful career and benevolent involvement in community service, we uncover the value of networks and mentorship within the Tulane athletic community. This episode is a rallying cry for student-athletes to harness their support systems and give back. Like a seasoned coach’s advice, Harold’s wisdom encourages young players to dream big and live a life marked by perseverance, humor, and the joy of a touchdown dance well-earned. 

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