Britney Hurst Temple: Athletic Greatness and the Power of Passion

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We talk with Britney Hurst Temple, a volleyball titan whose illustrious career has vaulted her into the Tulane University Hall of Fame. Britney shares a candid retrospective of her sports career, reflecting on pivotal moments from her early days as a high-energy athlete under her mother’s guidance to her transformation into a volleyball prodigy. Throughout the episode, she reveals the nuanced challenges she faced, including embracing her heritage, combating stereotypes, and advocating for diversity within volleyball.

Britney’s post-graduation life includes her overseas volleyball career, the creation of a modeling agency and a thriving financial firm. We explore the significant role family legacy plays in her life, including her mother’s and in-laws’ athletic and educational trailblazing. Britney imparts her wisdom on embracing new passions like tennis and the importance of finding fulfilling activities that keep the competitive spirit alive. This episode is not just about sports but about life, identity, and the drive to craft a legacy worth remembering.

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