Terry D’Angelo (Former Tulane Star) opens up about her illustrious career in sports.

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Terry Johnson D’Angelo, recounts her inspiring journey from Long Beach, Mississippi beginnings to becoming a Tulane women’s basketball legend. She opens up about her formative years, the recruitment rollercoaster, and the transition to university athletics that would set the stage for an illustrious career in sports. We dive deep into the life of a woman whose influence has extended far beyond the basketball court.

Listen in as we explore the landscape of women’s collegiate basketball post-Title IX and its growth over the years. Terry reminisces about her on-court achievements, including a standout 36-point game, and discusses the evolution of the sport—from the absence of a shot clock to today’s fast-paced action. She highlights the hard work and dedication necessary to compete at a high level, touching on injury prevention and the advancements that have enriched the modern athlete’s experience.

We delve into the challenges athletes face today, including navigating NIL deals and maintaining the delicate balance between sport and scholarship. Terry’s story is a beacon for young athletes—a reminder of the power of sports to shape futures, build lasting connections, and foster personal growth that extends far beyond the court.

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