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In this episode, we chart the evolution of a high school phenom into a junior college standout at Delgado and shares the camaraderie and growth that propelled him to Tulane University and the Posse. With a life as vibrant as a game-winning buzzer-beater, Michael Christian opens up about his international upbringing, the formative influence of his Air Force father, and the pivotal encounters with future NBA legends that defined his early years.

Feel the heartbeat of those fierce NCAA games, where rivalries were as intense as the Southern heat, and the weight of a coach’s expectations could make or break a young athlete’s dreams. Christian doesn’t shy away from the raw moments of self-doubt and the resilience demanded to excel in the highly competitive world of collegiate athletics.

Michael shares the wisdom gleaned from coaching, the impact of youth basketball culture, and the responsibilities of nurturing the next generation of talent in an era of NIL and the Transfer Portal. This episode is a celebration of friendship, mentorship and the deep-seated connections that bind the past, present, and future of Tulane basketball.

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